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Here you will find additional resources you may find helpful.  Wikipedia isn’t generally considered to be your most reliable source for conducting research, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t lot of really great information available to you on the internet.  Shown below are a few websites than can provide you with reliable information and get you started on the pathway to coding.

General Information

Florida Computer Science Ed Facts

Florida DOE C.A.P.E. Certification

Florida DOE C.A.P.E. Resources


GCF Word Basics Tutorials

GCF Excel Basics Tutorials

GCF PowerPoint Basics Tutorials

Block-Based Coding Explained (MIT)

Hour of Code

Lego Mindstorms Education

Microsoft Makecode - Mindstorms

Sphero Education

Sphero Edu Coding

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Education

Coding Resources


Microsoft MakeCode



Game Coding

Certification  Tested Objectives

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2020)

MOS Microsoft Word (Exam MO-100)

MOS Microsoft Excel (Exam MO-200)

MOS Microsoft PowerPoint (Exam  MO-300)

Microsoft Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript (98-382)

Using Python (98-381)

ICT - Word Processing Essentials

ICT - Spreadsheet Essentials

ICT - Computing Essentials

ICT - Programming & Logic Essentials

Richardson Sixth Grade Academy

RSGA Home Page

Focus Login

Quizizz Review Games



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